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Below is a collection of some of my online Exhibition works. For more information on any of my works or for inquiries /shows etc - send mail to:


Oil on canvas 36x48

I was inspired to paint this portrait of Mandela late 2012 when he began to go in and out of the hospital due to ill health. He is a type of icon this world sees far too little of.
His place is among the greats.



Lost child

Oil on canvas 36x48

The lost child is a piece I did on miss placed children, due to conflicts of war, family violence, and social and economic issues.  I integrated this with Adinkra symbols of West Africa. These are West African symbols used hundreds of years ago in the West African region and are still recognized and used today.


 A form of hieroglyphics used to teach the importantance of family and social values that help govern a people though life's journey.




Acrylic on canvas 18x28

"Unable to speak, esp. as the temporary result of shock or some strong emotion:"


Speechless is a piece I did on what one finds when you do some self-reflection. One would be shocked to find some honest truths of ourselves that we would be uncomfortable with …... No matter race, color, or gender


Good times

Acrylic on canvas 16x20

Listening to Ray Charles while going through music I have collected over the years, invoked some sense of nostalgia. It always invokes memories of good times growing up.

I used this color palette to reflect my range of diverse music that I have been exposed to.

From Jazz to blues to reggae to soul to hip-life...



Keep the light on

Acrylic on canvas "48x60"

Keep the light on and be vigilant.

This piece represents hope.  It is out there in the darkness... we just have to go get it.

Bob & Lion

oil on canvas "36x48"


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